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2022 COVID Protocol

Our greenhouse is opening May 1st and how we operate will look a little different this year!

  1. Please touch only what you intend to buy and try your hardest not to rub your face in the good smelling plants lol.

  2. We will have a hand sanitizing station at the door and we ask that you sanitize your hands before coming in. We will be sanitizing the counter and doorknobs before each customer. We will be taking all forms of payment. All cash in our till for change purposes will be sanitized already.

  3. There will be no access to back employee area or the second greenhouse.

  4. Hours will be: 9am - 10am will be open for seniors only 10am - 6pm will be open for the public We can hold private appointments from 6pm-7pm and this is by appointment only. This way, anyone who is more susceptible, or for those who feel uncomfortable shopping at regular hours, you can come to the greenhouse and shop in peace!


If you would rather just order your plants and come pick-up, CLICK HERE for our full list of plants we have to offer and pricing.


If you have any questions about our new Covid protocol, please text Betty at: 403-506-5853

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