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 All of our plants for 2022 are available to order through phone or e-mail to pick-up at the greenhouse.

Phone Betty at: 403-506-5853


1 Gallon - Individually Priced

Anemone hepatica

Aster: Purple Dome

Blanket Flower: Arizona Sun

Blanket Flower: Burgundy

Blazing Star: Dense

Columbine: Ruby Port

Culver's Root: Fascination

Fern: Cinnamon

Fern: Hart's Tongue

Globe Flower: Superbus

Grass: Hakonechloa Sunflare

Hosta: Blue Angel

Hosta: Gold Standard

Hosta: Patriot

Iris: Gerald Darby

Iris: Variegated Japanese

Iris Sibierian: Concord Crush

Iris Sibierian: Paprikash

Iris Siberian: Uncorked

Lily Martagon: Pink Morning

Lily Asiastic: Forever Susan

Lily Asiatic: Levi

Lily: Tiny Double You

Lily: Tiny Ink

Lily: Tiny Parrot

Lily: LA Hybrid Albufeira

Lily: Oriental Captain tricolore

Lily: Oriental Jaybird

Obedient Plant: Miss Manners

Obedient Plant: Vivid

​Phlox: Snowflake



Canadian Shield

Hope for Humanity

Never Alone

Red Leaf

Sedum: Purple Emperor

Speedwell: Tidal Pool

2 Gallon - Individually Priced

Peony: Bartzella

Peony: Cora Louise

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