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Trees & Shrubs

All of our plants for 2022 are available to order through phone or e-mail to pick-up at the greenhouse doors.

Phone Betty at: 403-506-5853


Trees & Shrubs

$ Call for pricing

Ornamental Trees:

Crimson Frost Birch

Thunderchild Flower Crab

Erecta Swedish Aspen

Ornamental Bushes:

Winecraft Black Smokebush

Coppertina Ninebark

Flowering Almond

Blue Fox Willow

Canyon Blue Willow

Sutherland Gold Elder

Bloomerang Dwarf Pink Lilac

Ludwig Spaeth Lilac

Fruiting Trees and Bushes:

Hardi-Mac Apple

Norland Apple

Gemini Apple

Prairie Magic Apple

Mount Royal Plum

Honeywood Sakatoon

Boreal Beauty Haskap

Boreal Beast Haskap

Boreal Blizzard Haskap

Evans Cherry

Nankin Red Cherry

Romeo Sour Cherry

Carmine Jewel Cherry

Star Grape

Valiant Grape


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