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Trees & Shrubs

All of our plants for 2024 are available to order through phone or e-mail to pick-up at the greenhouse doors.

Phone Betty at: 403-506-5853


Trees & Shrubs

$ Call for pricing

Ornamental Trees

Pink Spire Flowering Crab

Muckle Plum

Mountain Ash

Little Gem Spruce

Flowering Plum

Cinnamon Curl Birch

Gladiator Flowering Crab

Swedish Aspen

Tower Poplar

Native Pussy Willow

Ornamental Shrubs

Chicago Fire Burn Bush

Dwarf Burn Bush

Hakuro-Nishiki Willow

Morden Golden Glow Elder

Beauty of Moscow Lilac

Minuet Lilac

Charisma Lilac

Canadian Shield Rose

Morden Blush Rose

Yukon Sun Rose

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Bailey Compact

Cream Cracker Dogwood

Fruiting Trees & Shrubs

Goodland Apple

Norkent Apple

Parkland Apple

Princess Kay Plum

Asparagus Jersey Knight

Kent Strawberry

Minnesota 78' Grape

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